$ Energy Savings $

Rising energy costs can create a real strain on a business. Aschinger Electric's experienced lighting designers will increase energy efficiency and decrease monthly energy bills by creating lighting concepts that are ideally suited to the intended use of any given space.

Lighting Retrofit: By simply changing your current lamps and/or ballasts, you can reduce the energy cost by 35% to 45% and improve the lighting of your facility.

New Fixtures (Fluorescent High Bays): Changing your old high bay fixtures to T5 or T8 fluorescent types can reduce the energy cost by 45% to 65% and improve the quality of lighting. Adding motion sensors equals additional energy savings.

Benefits: Energy efficient lighting impacts business in several ways:

  • Saves up to 65% of electrical energy consumption
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Increases worker productivity
  • Pleasing, aesthetic design improves worker attitude and interaction
  • Go Green!

Take Action: An audit conducted by one of Aschinger's experienced designers will provide you with an understanding of how to use lighting to the best advantage for your business, save money, and provide comprehensive solutions for lighting your business.

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