• Property Management and Property Owners
  • Maintenance and Facility Managers
  • General Contractors
Aschinger Electric works with Property Management and Owners

Property Management & Property Owners

Corporate facilities management involves keeping track of more than one goal. On the one hand, you need to secure the best lease deals, balance your portfolio of properties and generate a return on investment. Then on the other, you also have to keep tenants satisfied and minimize the number of empty properties. Aschinger Electric can help find and retain the most cost-effective solutions and design a preventative maintenance schedule that won't compromise on quality.

Aschinger Electric on the job.

Maintenance & Facility Managers

At Aschinger Electric, we specialize in engineering solutions and facilities management for residential and commercial buildings of all sizes. Our clients trust us to create and deliver preventive maintenance programs that are tailored to their needs and business priorities.

Aschinger Electric on the job.

General Contractors

For over seven decades Aschinger Electric has been a trusted partner for general contractors on a wide variety of commercial projects. As a family owned business spanning four generations, our clients rely on the excellent service and high level of commitment that they have come to expect.

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